Little Big Town’s Hit Single ‘Girl Crush’ Gets a Makeover, When Turned Into A Worship Song

Little Big Town is an American country group that formed back in 1998, and has been enjoying some record-breaking success lately. The band is comprised of four members, the same for men and women that founded the band.

Their song “Girl Crush” broke a 56 year old record not long ago by staying at number one on the charts for eleven weeks, and has been certified as a three times platinum single. Pretty impressive!

Little Big Town has endured a bit of controversy around the song, with detractors alleging this it promotes homosexuality. While this might not raise too many eyebrows on the pop charts, the story is a little different in the country music scene.

Despite the controversy, a number of artists have covered this song in concert. Even Miranda Lambert played it onstage. This is one tune guaranteed to go down in history.

Some artists have taken a different approach to the song. Instead of covering the song as-is, YouTuber Amber Dawn chose to rewrite the lyrics before releasing her own version. She uses the tune, but focuses on her own strong Christian faith for lyrical content.

Watch Amber Dawn’s unique version of ‘Girl Crush’, renamed ‘The Lord’s Touch’, in the video below!

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