Little Bird Asks His Dad “What Do You Want?” But His NEXT Word Made Me Lose It! SO PRECIOUS!

There are lots of bird videos on the Internet and they are all pretty entertaining. Parrots are slowly taking over the web, aren’t they? With their extensive vocabulary and many talents, people love to watch them. I am sure you have seen cockatoos and cockatiels sing and talk before, but wait till you see the adorable little Lorie in this clip! I am confident that this little guy is going to bring a huge smile on your face in a few seconds!

This beautiful red Lorie is named Sparky. His owner thinks he is the smartest Lorie bird in the world, and he might just be right. He says he wasn’t really planning on filming the bird, but then Sparky started to talk up a storm and he just had to continue recording! And just look at how gracious this little bird is! I could watch Sparky all day!

Sparky apparently likes bananas and apples, but he’s willing to share. He talks to his owner, responding to his questions, and every time his owner asks what he wants, Sparky says he wants a treat. What kind of treat? Well, that’s what his owner is trying to figure out.

There is apparently a cat named Sofie who lives in the house, and Sparky can imitate the cat quite well. At one point the owner asks Sparky, “What would Sofie do?” and Sparky’s reaction is hilarious. The timing is perfect. I’m not going to tell you what Sparky does because that would just spoil it all.

Watch this cute clip below! Isn’t he a blast? Did this adorable bird make you smile? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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