Little boy on bus has seconds to spare when female driver jumps into action

Every time we use public transport, we are literally putting our lives in the hands of someone else – usually a stranger. The trust given to bus drivers is one we never question as we simply take it for granted that we will reach our destination safe and sound. It’s the least we expect. Keeping us safe is the minimum standard, but what happens when we actually need the driver to go above and beyond?

For bus drivers, the passengers that board their bus every day can present any number of surprises. No more so than young children. To keep everyone safe, it’s crucial that the driver is focused on the road. Looking out for the games and antics of young children is not part of the job description.

However, with the on-board CCTV from this bus, the world has been able to witness what happens when a passionate and diligent bus driver is tested by such a dramatic scenario. When a 5-year-old child is in danger, we can only hope to have a bus driver like this heroic woman.

Keeping a watchful eye on the kids, this brave lady went about her job of driving the bus until an alarming noise caught her attention. Suddenly there was panic throughout the bus behind her. A little boy was choking. As his friend alerted the driver to the situation, she screamed in disbelief, “Are you serious?!”

Without hesitation she stopped the bus and leapt to the rescue. Where many others may have frozen, incapacitated by fear, this godsend of a woman jumped up from her seat and rushed to aid the boy before it was too late.

With hearts racing throughout the bus and adrenaline coursing through her, the bus driver took charge of the situation. Standing the little boy up, she quickly and expertly applied the Heimlich maneuver to free the object from his airway.

This shocking footage shows how close the child came to die. Only for the alertness and quick actions of the driver, he may indeed have lost his life by choking on a coin. With the worst over, she then tended to him with care, wiping his mouth clean and hugging him. Expressing her own fright, she told him not to do that again – “You scared me to death!”

Although the experience was a frightening one, the relief afterwards was clear. This was one lucky little boy thanks to this incredible woman. Watch this hero at work right here.