This Little Boy Is DESTINED To Grow Up And Become A World-Famous Jockey. An Awe-Inspiring Story!

On the surface this is a video chronicle of a family Christmas. It’s a heartwarming story for sure. The five kids preparing cinnamon roll and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve alone will melt your heart. Wait till you see their matching blue PJs with little penguin prints!

As is the case with children on Christmas day, the highlight of the video has to do with presents. The four older kids each got a scooter, pretty cool right? Just wait till you see what the youngest boy got for Christmas.

It’s a horseracing simulator for the little boy! Check out his moves on the miniature horse. He’s already showing all the stances and moves of a hotshot jockey on a race horse. He hollered and jumped up and down on the horse, with lots of hand and leg actions, as if to ask the horse for everything he had.

When all else is equal, the strength and technique of the jockey often make the difference between finishing first and second when two horses are running side by side, nip and tuck and eye to eye in the stretch.

This little boy has it all! He’s going to grow up to be a great jockey. Guess what mommy and daddy are getting him this Christmas? A whip! It’s the latest humane design that won’t leave a mark.

There’s other cool footage in this video, including a toy tractor and Rice Krispy Lego blocks. Check it out!

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