Little Boy Gets An Amazing Surprise When He Meets Minnie, Mickey, and Pluto at Disneyland

It all goes back to 1928 when Mickey Mouse made his debut in the animated film “Steamboat Willie.” Over the years Mickey and the other characters that joined him on the screen have become world famous. The original Disneyland opened near Los Angeles back in 1955 and more Disney theme parks have opened since, dotting the world from Florida to France to Japan and China. Disneyland can be fun for adults, but for kids going there is downright exciting. Think of all the rides, games, and the fireworks at the castle. Even better, beloved Disney characters roam the theme park, delighting children they meet.

One little boy had a really great experience when he met some of his favorite characters on a trip to Disneyland. With Pluto, Minnie, and Mickey gathered around, the boy, who is deaf, signed “Nice to meet you.” Minnie tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention and answered him in sign language with “Nice to meet you, too.”

Sign language of some sort or another has been used by deaf people since time immemorial. Modern forms of sign language date to the 1700s. Far from being a few simple gestures that can only express simple things, sign language can be used to express complex ideas. Rather than a direct copy of a spoken language, it has its own grammar and its equivalents of spoken language’s otherwise meaningless phonemes that are assembled to make a word.

This adorable boy was so happy that a Disney character understood sign language that he threw himself into Minnie’s arms and received a great, big hug. We’ve posted this heartwarming video for you.

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