Little Boy Was Getting Late For School, But What The Sleepy Husky Does? I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Most of us hate waking up in the mornings. Some of our canine counterparts seem to share the same feeling. Just take a look at this cranky husky featured in the video below! This little guy wants to cuddle with his human sibling, even though the poor boy is going to be late for school. He doesn’t let the little boy get off the bed. When mom approaches them to remove the covers, he starts throwing a fit!

The mom has a hard time getting her son to wake up for school and get ready on time, and the husky isn’t helping the situation either. The husky probably only wants a bit more time in bed. His grouchy reaction left both of the humans in hysterics. His reactions are actually very much like a human’s, making him all the more amusing to watch.

Huskies are known to be a vocal breed, and this kind of behavior is actually quite common with them. This family must have lots of fun with this hilarious pup around! His actions and “words” make his feelings very clear.

On this morning, not only did he stop the mom from pulling the covers off by pretending to snap at her, he eventually starts barking and even pulls the covers back over the boy! He’s not letting this boy go anywhere until he’s ready to.

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