Little Boy Hands Him A Christmas Wish List. Now Pay Attention To That Marine’s Left Hand!

The US Marine Corps has been a symbol of pride for our nation for the last 240 years. They have sacrificed a great deal for their countrymen and they are always looked upon with honor and respect. These courageous men and women are known for their bravery, but when it comes to children, they always have a soft spot. We have seen countless moments depicting that. The video below is one.

The video was made for a program called Toys for Tots which was created back in 1947. Major Bill Hendricks, USMCR, decided to give toys to the less fortunate children of his community, but this incredible man no idea that his small initiative would spread all across the country in the upcoming years. The program has gotten bigger and more people have donated over the years. Marine Corps are truly an inspiration, aren’t they?

This ad campaign was created to bring awareness to the Toys for Tots gift donations that mean so much to so many children at this time of year. It’s such a simple ad, but so well done and it is really touching. A little boy walks up to a very serious looking Marine and asks him if he is Santa. You might think that this Marine isn’t going to react.

He does react and just wait until you see what he does. He makes this little boy a true believer in the spirit of Christmas.

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