Little Boy Thinks Mom Served Him A Poop Sandwich. He Proceeds To Throw A Hysterical Fit

As any parent can tell you, kids can be unbelievably picky eaters. If you don’t have children, you can probably think back to all the times you made a big production out of something at the dinner table. Maybe it was demanding that crusts be cut off. Or perhaps you freaked out over unfamiliar vegetables. Or was it a familiar vegetable cooked in a new way? Foods that aren’t supposed to be touching are touching? Get it away from me! There are countless variations.

One day, Jamie Laforest served up sloppy joe sandwiches for dinner. Her son Declan had never seen one in his whole life (he’s a toddler). He was horrified! Was the little guy just getting bent out of shape over something new? Does he have strong feelings about how hamburger should and should not be served? Nope. He was convinced his mom was serving him a poop sandwich!

Declan took the sandwich apart and inspected it closely. Total disgust! “It’s poop! Yuck!” Everyone else at the table burst into laughter. His sister reassured him it really wasn’t a poop sandwich, but he wasn’t believing her. He throws a hilariously cute fit. What’s especially funny is that his fit intensifies as he seems to realize that everyone really does expect him to eat the sandwich. His mom kept on trying. “That is a sloppy joe. Mamma wouldn’t feed you nasty. It’s hamburger meat.” But there’s no shaking the little boy’s belief that he’s been served a poop sandwich.

We’ve posted the video of this dinner table drama for you below. Whether you like sloppy joe or not, you’ll never look at it quite the same way again.

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