Little Boy Was Being Viciously Attacked By A Dog, And Then THIS Happened! Thank God!

On a lazy day in Bakersville, California, a little boy was riding on a littler bicycle from the side of a residential road to the side of a white GMC Suburban SUV. On the other side of the massive vehicle, a stout tawny dog was marauding like he’s an eater of children in fairy tales. The scene was set for an explosive confrontation.

The child-eating dog came over to the side of the bicycle-riding little boy. The little boy halted the bike and stood up. He knew better than to be a moving object in front of a dog. All he wanted was to assure the dog that everything was cool.

The marauding dog, eater of children as he was, took a sniff of the boy and immediately triggered something in its rotten brain – yummy, food, yummy! The next moment the vicious beast attacked. The boy was quickly knocked to the ground, and the dog opened its mouth and lodged those canines into the fleshiest part of the boy’s calf.

At the first taste of blood the dog went berserk like a rabid animal. It started to pull at the irresistible human flesh, tossing its head violently in its crazed attempt to tear off a good chunk of the flesh. The situation could not be direr for the poor boy.

Luckily the mother heard the heartwrenching cries of her flesh and blood. She ran to the scene and her heart went cold. A child-eater! She felt helpless against the monster.

Bang! Something knocked the hell out of the dog. It was hard and sharp enough to put real fear in its misshapen heart. The dog got up and decided to retreat. The hero who kicked the crap out of the dog gave chase a little, then stopped and came back to the mother and her boy.

It was the family cat that saved the day! This video is the surveillance footage of this incredible action drama.

Did you ever imagine such a conclusion to a dog and cat fight? Have you ever laid eye on a child-eating dog? Feel free to participate in the comments section below.

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