This Little Boy Went Through The Most Harrowing Experience In his Life. But He Seems Comforted When He Sees What His Family Got Him.

Knowing a dog since you are born gives you a special bond. But dogs do not have the same life span as human which I think is the greatest and the most unfortunate anomaly in the universe. How are you expected to part with your best friend after such a short period of your life? It is harsh as this boy found out.

Little Billy’s heart was broken when his beloved, seventeen-year-old dog died. So, for Christmas, his family got him a little surprise. He sure can’t wait to get to know his new best friend and teach him a few tricks. Happy times ahead for the cute pair.

Watch his reaction as Billy meets his new best friend. Was that nostalgic? Fill us in on your experience getting a new best friend in the comments section.

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