Little boy’s dad dies in a tragic accident – what he finds at his graveside is beautiful

It’s always upsetting when a loved one is taken from us, but it’s especially tragic when it’s such a young life with a bright future and a new family. The grief can be hard to take, and particularly difficult for our children.

Police officer and family man Cody Wells was killed when his car came off the road one fateful day and collided with a tree. He died instantly, leaving behind him his loving fiancée Danielle and Braxton – his 2-year-old son. Cody himself was only 23-years-old when the accident happened. Since his funeral, his family have missed him so much that they visited the graveside every single day.

Eight months went by and the family, from Alabama, kept up the tradition, until one rather special Christmas morning things were a little different when they arrived at Cody’s graveside. To Braxton’s delight, he spotted a brightly wrapped Christmas gift by his daddy’s headstone. Someone was being a very kind and thoughtful secret Santa!

Danielle recalls the moment she was told of the tragic news and the loss of her loving fiancée, believing that the police vehicle at her door was her own partner returning because he had forgotten his keys. What a tragic moment in this young family’s life – if only he had forgotten his keys, he might not have been taken from them so soon.

And while Braxton will come to know that his father didn’t really leave him the toys – Danielle was very grateful to the mystery gift-giver just to see the smile on her son’s face. Braxton goes particularly crazy for a “Hot Wheels” toy he finds in his present – which is utterly adorable to watch, and heart-breaking at the same time!

We’re sure you’ll agree this is one of the most emotional videos you’re every likely to see, so as we said – keep those tissues handy. And a special mention has to go to the person who made this all possible, and gave the family a Christmas to remember in the wake of such a devastating loss. It was actually the man who designed Cody’s beautiful headstone – Chris Blake. The memorial is a work of art, and his touching gesture to leave Braxton a Christmas gift from his father is one that will have you wiping away the tears. Watch this emotional video below, and share with all your special family and friends.