Little Cat Loves Truck Rides, And Watch What Happens When He Sees An Overpass

This clever cat rides along with his human, who happens to be a truck driver, every day that he is on the road. So that means lots of truck rides for this adventurous furry feline. He comfortably lounges on the dashboard and takes in all of the beautiful scenery like he was born to do this. Everything in life is great!
It’s great, until he spots something he is scared of. An overpass! Dun Dun Dunnnn!
This poor little guy sees that they are coming up on an overpass and he kind of freaks out for a minute, worried that it will somehow fall and bop him on his head perhaps. His reaction is truly adorable! It’s crazy to think he’s scared of an overpass, but I guess if I were a little-kitty-truck-driver-buddy, I might not understand what that crazy contraption is either. No worries kitty, it’s perfectly harmless!

Maybe another couple of truck rides and he’ll realize that overpasses are nothing to be afraid of! Does your cat enjoy car rides? I don’t know about you, but if I were a truck driver I would absolutely take my cat with me. He must be great company for this truck driver who spends many hours in his truck.

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