This Little Dog Finds Bathtime Offensive! His Reaction Will Make You Smile!

If you are a dog owner you know that some dogs really love bath time while others absolute abhor it. In my personal experience, one of my dogs does a full out tantrum right after bath time. His death-stare full of suffering almost makes me feel guilty! I honestly can’t explain why some dogs dislike being clean so much.

Even dogs that enjoy water do it more with the idea of having fun and they end making a huge mess while they are getting the bath. At least you get to participate in your pets enthusiasm to get everything around them wet! Well the following video shows us one of the best examples of a pet acting up after bathtime!

This tiny little guy just hates it! And he communicates it rather well to his owner! As soon as rinsing is done, the pup goes wild with his outrage at having been subjected to such an offensive ritual.

I definitely saw a familiar glint in his eyes, which reminded me of my own dog’s anger at having to relinquish all the dirt he had accumulated on his fuzzy hair!

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