Little dog runs off with giant bone in pet store, makes quick getaway

Jax, Boston terrier, was so overwhelmed after discovering a huge bone while visiting the pet store. After picking up the bone in his mouth, he ran straight past his daddy and tried to make a quick getaway.

Jax was so excited after finding “the perfect thing for him” he didn’t really have any agenda or plans for what might come after. Step 1: Get bone. Step 2… well, he’s still working on that part.

Boston Terriers are lively little companions. You’ll immediately recognize them by their tuxedo “jacket,” sporty compact figures, and the happy glow in his big, round eyes. Boston Terriers’ impeccable manners have earned them the nickname “The American Gentleman” — but this guy has yet to hear about that.

Watch little Jax and then make a quick getaway… sort of. If you count running around the store in circles your idea of an escape plan. Oh well!