That Little Dog Wants To Be Friends With A Wild Jaguar, But Watch What The Jaguar Does

We don’t really need a lot of similarities to create a relationship with someone, and neither to animals apparently. Like they say, friends come in all shapes and sizes. Thanks to the Internet, I have seen many different unlikely friendships between different species of animals, but this clip has got to show the most unlikely duo yet. Cats and owls, horses and goats! These pairs of best buddies are simply amazing to watch, and so is this next one. The video below features one such bonding and it will no doubt leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Would you be willing go play a game of tumbling with a wild jaguar? I definitely wouldn’t. But Bullet the Jack Russell has a different take on this jaguar and he’s not afraid at all. Turns out, this jaguar loves Bullet and doesn’t know or doesn’t care that Bullet should be a snack for him instead of his best friend. His unparalleled friendship with Jag the jaguar is something truly special. He met his best friend when got transferred to the Akwaaba Lodge in South Africa and they have been inseparable ever since. The positive vibes between these two are inspirational.

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