Little Doggy Is Scared To Use The Stairs. But When He Slides Down? I’m Cracking Up!

When you’re just a tiny and adorable puppy, a stairway can be one of the scariest things in the whole world. But the dog in the following video has found a way to deal with them, and it’s a very clever idea that will take a laugh out of you and melt your heart, at the same time. It’s a young Labrador puppy, and he found the best way to get around the stairs!

A dog was given a ramp so that she could get down the stairs in a more comfortable way, and though the pup seems old enough to walk down already, his family understands that he needs to learn how to get down at his own pace, and the ramp makes it just that much easier for him.

I never expected the puppy to get down in such an adorable way, and I’m sure that dad didn’t expect it either! It’s so cute to see him get on his belly and try to just slide down the ramp in the smoothest way. Puppies are so innocent; it makes me fall in love with them without even breaking a sweat.

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