This Little Elephant Was Taken Into A Rhino Orphanage After He Was Rejected By His Herd!

Personally, I am a very big fan of elephants! There is no denying that they are adorable creatures and besides that they are extremely intelligent and caring towards their family members. Elephants are one of the few animals that are able to recognize themselves in the mirror and can process emotion at a level similar to humans.

Meet Ellie, a baby elephant. After he was heartbreakingly rejected by his herd, he suddenly faced the harsh reality of having to fend for himself in the wild without any guidance. Ellis was lost and uncertain about his fate; chances of him surviving were slim. This is when the team at Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in South Africa stepped in.

After their first evaluation, the volunteers found that Ellie was suffering from serious health issues. Ellie was not able to drink milk, which is a vital source of nutrients for any baby elephant. Because of these various issues, rescuers were afraid Ellie would not survive. None of them could have predicted what happened next!

Ellie took a strong liking to a German Shepherd named Duma who lived at the orphanage. The two soon formed a strong relationship with each other, and together they helped each other get better.

Ellie and Duma are now inseparable, and they are best friends for life, if this story of friendship moved you share it with all your friends!

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