When little Elysia found the most amazing sight! One nine-year-old tells the unbelievable story!

Ah, to be a kid again. Not worrying about a lot of the harsh realities of life that await them. Waiting for the crucial age when they will be ready and competent enough to tell them. From the “Birds and the Bees,” which we all know can be a bit of a hard talk. To how you balance a checkbook. Though now-a-days everything is online and automated. There are parts of the world you must be patient and shielding before showing your children. Unfortunately, we sometimes find ourselves in situations that life has other plans for our “teaching schedule.”

Enter Elysia Laub, a curious nine-year-old girl who loves to learn all about the world. She is not only curious but also very helpful. She helps her parents on their farm, where they raise and take care of pigs. The family taught her the ins and outs of raising a pig or pigs and she does her best to do her chores.

One faithful day, Elysia came upon a most curious sight. She was walking in the field and saw tiny, “pink legs.” Her first impulse or thought was the legs must just belong to a baby piglet. However, upon further inspection Elysia found that it most certainly was not a piglet! Her curiosity quickly change to fear and worry. She ran to get her mother, the one whom she could confide her deepest secrets. Her mother confirmed the young girl’s suspicions and they quickly alerted the authorities.

The tragic sight would leave anyone feeling a bit perturbed or disturbed. The condition they found the cloth covered poor dear left me in tears! To be that young, unconscious and unable to care for yourself. To be so dirty and have maggots crawling over you while you lay there, unable to act. A version of Hell I could not begin to imagine. All of this only one DAY after you were born? Send shivers of disgust down my spine.
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