Little girl actually gets the Christmas gift so many children say they want

The real meaning of Christmas doesn’t involve exchanging presents, though you’d have a hard time convincing most children. There’s no denying how endearing it is when kids grin from ear to ear when they get something they really wanted (even if it wasn’t the pony they kept asking for). It’s also kind of funny to see their faces when they tear off wrapping paper only to find a pair of socks. One family decided to make their daughter’s Christmas utterly unforgettable and they even recorded a video of it, which we’ve posted below for you.

It starts off with a little girl named Annie working off some of her youthful energy amid a fresh layer of snow. Considering it’s Christmas Day, things are off to a good start! The family owns some horses and Annie’s mom asks her, “Do you want to check and see if Santa left treats for the horses?” On the way to the barn, Annie playfully lobs a few snowballs at her mom, but that’s the sort of mischief Santa can forgive. Speaking of Santa, in his haste he seems to have neglect to completely close the barn door, so Annie and her mom are greeted by a couple of cats. Inside, dad is sitting there with a video camera at the ready, although Annie doesn’t seem to get that this is a sign something is up.

Santa has indeed left something in the barn: a gift basket with horse treats, a children’s book, and a rolled-up note. Annie really likes the book, but her mom suggests she read the note. The little girl reads it aloud, with a few little stumbles on the way. It takes her a few seconds to process the meaning of the words “I don’t usually deliver ponies for Christmas…” Soon, a very excited Annie is giving her new pony a great big hug!

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