Little Girl Was Born Without Hearing, And They Found The Perfect Dog Friend For Her! Adorable!

We all know that dealing with a disability can be very difficult and painful. It’s one of the biggest challenges that a human being can ever take on. So you can imagine how awful it must be for a little dog who can’t even understand what’s going on with her! Such is the case of Neeva, a four-year-old girl who was born with very poor hearing. Her mom, Chelsea, decided to look for a friend that can help her out in Animal Humane, a rescue center in New Mexico.

What she found there was totally unexpected! Baxter, a mix breed rescued dog who was a perfect match for their little family. After they got home, he and Neeva became best friends almost instantly. But what’s truly amazing is the hidden talent that Baxter was gifted with: when Neeva speaks to him in sign language, he can understand her! This has helped them become the best friends that can ever be, and it’s adorable. You can tell by the way they act that they have a very deep and special bond, even if their relationship is silent.

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