Little girl determined to ride horse, mom’s captured footage delights the internet!

Many girls dream of owning their own horse when they’re young and there are a lucky few that get to live that dream for real. What an amazing feeling that must be when mom and dad decide to buy you your own pony! Instead of playing with toy versions – you can ride a proper one!

Little Sianna here is one such lucky girl, having her own mare in Lady, a 6-year-old Quarter Horse. Sianna herself is only 3-years-old, which makes her skills on the back of the beast that much more astounding. She’s clearly been taught with extreme care and attention, but mounting her steed is, at first, something of a challenge!

But Sianna is the very definition of the word tenacity! In the face of seemingly insurmountable (literally) odds, she never gives up, and the internet is going crazy for her never-say-die attitude. Just like figuring out a puzzle, she’s trying to understand how to mount Lady from the trampoline, all the while mom is filming the encounter from a distance. It takes Sianna a few goes at first, but soon she manages to make it onto the mare’s back, and go for a gentle walk around the yard, taking her beloved horse around the playhouse, swimming pool and back to the trampoline. Sianna looks to be one lucky girl indeed! But it’s her horse skills that have not gone unnoticed by YouTubers.

“That is poetry in motion right there!” comments one fan. “Two beautiful, graceful creatures working together to the enjoyment of both! good job of coaching and training, mom!!!”

Sianna rides Lady bareback around the yard, then enters a gentle trot before coming safely to a halt. We’re sure that if Sianna is this good at riding at such a young age, she’s going to be a world beater one day! Maybe keep an eye out for her at the Olympics in about 20 years’ time!

It’s not just all about the riding though – as we’re sure Sianna is learning too. Horses require a lot of care and attention, dedicated owners that will look after them through thick and thin. It’s worth reminding children of that when any boy or girl wants a pony for Christmas! Looking after a horse is pretty much a full-time job, but we think that judging by the training Sianna has received in riding Lady, she’s going to know all about mucking her out too! Watch this adorable video in the link below!