This Little Girl Dreamed Of Having Her Own Racing Champion Horse! Her Father Got Her One Called MJB Got Faith!

As a little girl I had a lot of friends that wanted horses as a gift. Horses are majestic creatures and I understand why a little girl might be fascinated by them since they are closely associated to fantasy in fairy tales and adventure stories. However one talk with my parents was enough to figure out that having one meant a lot of more responsibility and special than I was actually willing to give. However, there were other girls that really loved horses and I’ve met a few that have created long lasting friendships and bonds.  For example the girl featured in the video below!

Breana Carsey was decided to have a horse that would grow up into a racing champion. After much thinking, Breana’s father gave her a young foal, who the family named MJB Got Faith. Her father explained that MJB Got Faith’s likelihood of becoming a racing champion was very slim. To show her how difficult it was, the family entered MJB Got Faith into a few races. MJB Got Faith won his first race. After that, he won three more races and earned invite to the state championship.

MJB Got Faith won that event, too.  Breana won $100,000 from the race!

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