Little girl drops by the barn on Christmas Day and gets an epic surprise

The real meaning of Christmas has nothing to do with giving and getting gifts. You’ll never convince any child of that, though! There’s one gift, in particular, that kids have long pestered their parents about. One family decided to get this for her, making for a truly memorable Christmas. They made sure to record a video, which you’ll find posted below.

At the beginning of the video, a little girl named Annie is outside frolicking in a fresh layer of snow. Since it’s Christmas Day, we’re guessing she’s working off a candy cane fueled sugar rush. The family owns some horses and her mom asks, “Do you want to check and see if Santa left treats for the horses?” At the barn door, they’re greeted by a couple of cats and then Annie and her mom go inside. Dad is already posted there, a video camera at the ready. This should tell Annie that something is up, but she doesn’t seem to suspect anything.

Santa did indeed pay a visit to the barn, leaving a gift basket loaded with horse treats, plus a children’s book and a rolled-up note. The book actually has Annie pretty excited, but her mom tells her she should read the note. It is indeed from Santa! When Annie gets to the words, “I don’t usually deliver ponies for Christmas…” several seconds go by before she grasps what those words imply. Moments later, a wildly excited Annie is giving her new pony Pepper Snowflake Clipper a big hug!

A pony is a big responsibility, but with a little help from her parents, it’s a good bet Annie is going to be up to the task and that her new friend is going to be very happy in his new home. Word has it that the two of them have since started taking part in dressage events.

Yes, a kid really got a pony! How did you like the Christmas surprise adorable little girl got? Be sure to let us know in the Facebook comments and don’t forget to like and share!