This Little Girl Faces Her Instructor And Starts Her Speech. What Happens Next? ADORABLE!

This adorable video was uploaded by Leeds Taekwondo and it shows three year old Sophie Wong reciting her student creed. She stumbles over a few big words, but she succeeds in completely following what her trainer says and melting our hearts in the process! But she’s not just cute, she’s confident and strong, and that’s one of the messages of the creed.

According to an article from the Huffington Post, Sophie is the youngest student in the academy and she was motivated by her six year old brother to join. She is a white belt and we can only wonder how far she will get with all that lively enthusiasm and spirit! This is one clever three year old, and I think she is only going to move up in the world.

The creed sends a positive message to young people everywhere about being confident and secure in who you are, while helping others and never bringing anyone else down. This message is one of the reasons so many youth and adults have benefited from instruction in martial arts.

Sophie seems to not only understand what the creed means, but she truly believes it. I say good for her for being motivated to study martial arts at such a young age, and good for this instructor for teaching these kids the right way to do things. She’s doing an excellent job!

Watch the video below! Isn’t she the strongest and cleverest three year old you’ve ever seen? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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