This Little Girl Falls While Chasing This Sea Lion. What The Sea Lion Does Will Melt Your Heart.

The National Zoological Park is a home to some of the world’s most exciting animals. Based in Washington D.C., the National Zoo attracts millions of visitors each year, but few are as adorable as this little girl and this sea lion communicating with each other.

She’s having a blast while chasing this sea lion. She takes amusement from the fact that the sea lion tracks her every move, swimming alongside her as she sweeps from left to right. She’s wearing some sort of costume and looks adorable running and back and forth, almost like she’s dancing.

On one of her trips back-and-forth in front of the glass, she ends up taking a fall, and the sea lion has an unusual reaction. He stops dead in its tracks, floating, as if he’s waiting to see if she’s okay. It’s an impressively human moment, especially for a creature that has spent its entire life under water.

I am sure this sea lion, and the others in the enclosure, have experienced many children running in front of their glass enclosure. I wonder if they have ever reacted this way before? This one seemed quite familiar with humans and seemed to like the attention from them. They are actually very social creatures, even in the wild, and will often approach humans.

Isn’t it amazing to watch them have such a good time? Did you enjoy this video? How you feel about this deep bond they shared? Please let us know in the comments below!

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