This Little Girl Hates To See Her Mum And Dad Fighting, So She Recorded This Video To Tell Them How She Felt!

My family’s divorce it’s the children that get hit hardest. The matter where you fall on the ethical debate of whether it’s better to stick together as a family or to separate be happier, everyone can agree that the children are disadvantaged in the process.

A lot of kids won’t talk about it. They don’t know how to react to what is happening to their family. But the girl in this video knows exactly what to do. This video shows a little girl named Tiana who has melted down the Internet with her words of wisdom.

Only six years old this little girl can’t stand the fighting between her mum and dad. When you hear what she has to say to her parents, you realize that she is definitely wiser beyond her years. This is a heartrending video, which really encapsulates the experience of kids in this situation.

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