This Little Girl Is Hooked Up To A Machine. But What Her Dog Does For Her? I Can’t Stop Crying!

Alida was diagnosed with neuroendocrine hyperplasia of infancy (NEHI) making her unable to breathe without the help of an oxygen tube. The oxygen in her lungs doesn’t get transported to her bloodstream, so she needs oxygen all the time. Her parents soon came to realize that even simple things like a walk in the park were a big difficulty, since Alida couldn’t carry the heavy equipment on her own. However, when they learned about service dogs, they immediately adopted one.

Mr. Gibbs is a beautiful Goldendoodle who is trained to look after Alida. He’s still a puppy himself, so he has lots of energy to keep up with this active three year old. He helps carrying her oxygen and is always following her closely no matter where she goes. The relationship between these adorable best friends is invaluable. Mr. Gibbs is an amazing caretaker for sure!

With Mr. Gibbs at her side, carrying her oxygen canister on his back in a special pack, Alida can go outside and play on the swings and run in the park like other kids her age. Mr. Gibbs can play too, but he’s always at work, watching Alida for any sign of trouble. His main job is to carry the heavy canister and keep a watchful eye on her, and he does that very well.

Inside Mr. Gibbs is never far away, but Alida has a different way to carry her oxygen. Her dad made a handy wagon to pull it in. So when the family is around, Mr. Gibbs gets a bit of a break, although he does enjoy a good game of fetch with Alida.

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