Little Girl In Time-Out Talks With A Cute Attitude

A three-year-old little girl is in time-out for misbehavior. Her name is Jayla, and she is very unhappy about being punished and wants the teacher to know exactly how she feels about it. The cutest thing is the way she swings her head and rolls her eyes when she talks, just like a grown-up.

Jayla argues with her teacher, shaking and twisting her head, saying ‘It’s no excuses, Hunny.” “If I wasn’t here I would surely take a day off from you and den a day off from these kids.” When the teacher says, “well, you’re still in time out,” the little girl replies, “I can’t wait to go home and enjoy the rest of my life” She rolls her eyes and sits down.

Children learn from their surroundings and those that they spend the most time with. It seems as though Jayla spends her time with a person who probably talks in the manner that she is using. This video is a reminder that we should set a good example when we are around children.