Little Girl Joins Santa Claus For Breakfast So He Doesn’t Have To Eat Alone!

One little girl’s encounter with Santa is going viral, and you’ll smile once you hear the sweet reason why.

Three-year-old Gracie Lynn loves Christmas like every other kid. When she saw a man who looked a lot like Santa Claus eating his breakfast alone at a restaurant, she decided to join him. Gracie toddled over with permission from her mom and dad, pulled up a seat, and started chatting with the jolly man with a flowing white beard, red suspenders, and glasses. It was as if the pair knew each other for years.

As they chatted away, her father snapped a picture of the two and later asked little Gracie why she wanted to talk to Santa. She responded that she “didn’t want Santa to eat all by himself.”
According to her mother, Gracie Lynn only asked Santa for one thing this year: her baby brother James, who is supposed to be born in a few weeks. What a sweetheart!

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