This Little Girl Is Not Very Happy About Her Newborn Sister. Her Reaction? Whoa! That’s Scary!

The girl in the video is a two year old named Piper. The little girl recently had a new sister, but she doesn’t seem very enthusiastic about it. She lets her family know that she is unhappy by throwing a tantrum. Her dad tries to ask her a little about her little sis, but the reaction he gets is not what one would expect.

It could be hard for children to accept and adapt to a new baby in their lives, but it is a parent’s responsibility to prepare them and handle situations like these if they arise. They should keep in mind not to force them to do things they don’t want to do. It could lead to more resentment. It looks as if Piper still needs sometime before she gets used to her new sister.

I don’t know where this little girl is, but it looks like an office of some sort. She’s screaming and crying and clearly very upset. I also think she’s behaving like a very tired little girl. Dad is calmly asking her if she loves her baby sister and wants to give her a hug, but this girl is having none of it. Her answer is a definite, “NO!”

I’m not sure why the dad persists in asking her, but her answer isn’t changing. Pretty soon, she’s sucking on her binky and lying on the floor, which also makes me think she might be a bit more receptive to the new baby after a nice, long nap.

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