This Little Girl Plays With 14 Beautiful Dogs. Now Watch When She Lifts Her Arms Up…

When we think of moments that we will never forget I think most of us try and think of dep, meaningful moments that have happened to us. Most of us don’t realize that those moments that will stick with us forever are ones that happen out of the blue and are completely innocent, that fact that they were unplanned is normally why we remember them.

Well this video is a perfect example of that. This little girl was out in a field one day with her dogs. We should probably mention that this little girl, who is absolutely adorable, is only five years old and that her dogs, there are fourteen of them, are German Shepherds.

This little girl and her dogs were out in a field one day playing when her parents decided to capture the beautiful moment on film. What you see is a little girl who is being carefree and living in the moment with her beloved pets. The dogs around her are clearly enjoying the time with their little human and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

This is the type of moment that we all long to have and it is completely understandable why. This is so breathtaking that we’re glad we were able to see it and it actually put us in better moods because of it. This is one family who knows how to live in the moment, that’s for sure!

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