This Little Girl Sat With Her Shy Doggy Friend. But Don’t Miss How The Dog Reacted! So Lovely!

Dogs that get rescued from the street and put in shelters sometimes have trouble getting along with humans again, since they have endured many hardships. This activity, called the Shelter Buddies Reading Program, gets children to read books and hang out with the shelter dogs, to help them get used to people again. The Humane Society of Missouri made this program to help children develop their reading ability, while also helping dogs rehabilitate to humans at the same time. It really is heart-warming.

On December of last year, the first Deck the Howls charity event took place. In it, many children read many stories based on Christmas and other winter holidays, they decorated presentation cards to give them to the shelter animals, and feasted on delicious hot chocolate and cookies.

After a dog spends time on the street and on a shelter, they can easily turn shy and frightful. This makes them very hard to adopt, and they end up being ignored most of the time. Thanks to helpful organizations like the one in the video, these doggies will have a chance to live happy with a family again.

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