Little Girl Says “Bye” To EVERYONE On The Escalator, But Wait Till You See Their Reaction

A simple act of thoughtfulness can do wonders. It can improve a person’s day and there really is nothing better than putting a smile on someone’s face, is there? Just take a look at this little ray of sunshine in the video below! What this little girl did at the mall left many people in smiles. Wait till you see this!

Chloe and her dad were spending some quality time at the Copley Place mall in Boston, MA. When they came upon an escalator, Chloe stood near the glass partition and took the liberty of saying “bye” and waving to everyone that went down the escalator. Almost all of the people greeted her back.

Most of the people were quite happy to see this adorable little girl waving to them and some even told her to have a nice day. I love to see the serious looks on some of the faces till they turn to see this little girl waving bye to them, and then their face just breaks into a big smile and they wave back at her. I’m sure she made their day.

Her dad says that he thought it was the funniest and the cutest thing ever, so he couldn’t help capture his daughter’s adorable act on the camera. She’s dressed in the cutest little black and white outfit, almost like dad expected this to happen, but he didn’t. She’s really having a big time waving at everyone.

Watch this heart-melting kid below! I want to be on that escalator now! What about you? Let us know if you enjoyed this cute clip in the comments!

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