Little Girl Sees Her Mom Fighting With Her Dad. What She Says Next? I’m In Tears!

Children of divorce will know hard it actually gets when your parents get separated. It is one of the worst feelings in the world. Kids usually don’t know how to react to the news, but sometimes they know exactly what to do. The video below features a cute little girl named Tiana who is melting the world with her words of wisdom to her mom.

This six-year-old can’t stand her mama arguing with her dad and what she has to say is really heartrending. This kid is really old for her age in a very good way. She just wants her parents to be friends and she wants everyone in the world to have a smile on their faces.

One of her best lines: “My heart is something, and everyone else’s heart is something too.” She certainly is wise for her age. She mentions wanting her Nana to be happy and smiling, which is so endearing. When she asks her mom if she is ready to be friends with her dad, mom of course says yes. I hope she means it, because otherwise, she might break this little girl’s heart.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all took this little girl’s advice? Maybe we should all try just getting along and smiling for one day and see how it makes us feel.

Watch Tiana’s life lessons to her mom in the video below. Do you agree with this wise little girl? Let u us know through your comments!

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