A Little Girl Sit On Her Shetland Pony, What Happens Next Will Melt Your Heart!

When it comes to learning something, experts say that it’s best to start as early as possible in life. Tiger Woods started swinging his golf clubs when he was three years old. Chess prodigies start around that age or just a bit older. While Skye, the little girl in this video, might not be training for championships, the time that she spends with her Shetland Pony, also teaches her an important lesson: respect for animals.

The video has the best opening sequence. Skye is riding Gucci in a training area, though the hurdle that they are supposed to “jump” over is at its lowest setting: the ground. That’s all good, since Skye is a three-year-old girl and Gucci is a Shetland Pony. They trot over there at a reasonable amble and then Gucci “hops” over it. Thus begins an amazing video about a friendship started at a young age.

It’s not all about show jumping. There are so many adorable costumes for Gucci. We see him in a jester costume, among others. The two of them adore each other – it’s apparent the way Skye runs around the training corral with Gucci in tow. They have a strong bond and it will get stronger as Skye gets even older – she probably turned 7 sometime in 2017, so she’s still going to be small enough to ride a Shetland pony.

Some people were concerned in the YouTube comments that Gucci might be forgotten when Skye gets older. I don’t see that happening – she loves this horse and I don’t see any possible change in the future. Of course, there’s a chance that I could be wrong, but I would hate to see that happen. Then again, probably the only clue would be a lack of videos as she gets older, but that wouldn’t be definitive proof. Let’s just say “Skye + Gucci Forever!”

Wasn’t this pair so adorable? I loved watching Gucci “jump” over those hurdles. What did you think? Please tell us your opinions in the comments section! We’d also love it if you “Like” us on Facebook!

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