When a little girl starts singing at a recital – the audience can’t help but look at her hands.

Claire is a unique little girl who has grown up in a very loving environment. Her environment is lovely but is also one-of-a-kind. You see, she cannot talk to her parents like other children can, the reason: they’re deaf. Her sister and she have taken it upon themselves to learn American Sign Language to be able to communicate with them. They have been doing this for a long time.

If you were to go to their house, you would think it’s rather quiet. But there’s a lot of talking going on in there. Claire does her activities in a normal way. She also has after-school activities and likes to be very involved in them. One day, it came time for Claire’s elementary school’s Christmas concert. The other parents were aware of her parent’s condition. So, wondering how their parents would be able to enjoy the recital was only natural.

They would see the other children singing, including their daughter. The thing is they would not be able to understand what there are singing. Claire knew she couldn’t let this opportunity pass and let their parents feel a little bit less happy. She had a secret plan that would melt her parent’s and everyone’s heart.

The best part of this plan is that she didn’t require anyone’s assistance to do it. It was all her! I mean, how thoughtful can this little girl be? Claire has proven to be more humane than many people I have known. It is adults the ones who often fall into the trap of blaming others for their current situation.

Thinking like this is what keeps them from making adequate decisions. Claire’s judgment is not obstructed by these views because she is only a little girl. Her resolve and kind heart are something to admire. The way she sees this, is that the solution to her parents’ conundrum is actually very simple. She will simply sign the songs to her parents while she is singing them with her classmates.

All she wanted for her loving parents was to be able to enjoy the show. She didn’t want to mess up the surprise, so she didn’t tell them about her plan, either. I cannot even imagine the level of surprise they must have had when they saw their sweet little girl doing this. Claire’s mother said she didn’t expect any of this. Everything was a major surprise for her family.

Click on the video and see for yourself. Big hearts sometimes come in the tiniest of packages!