This Little Girl Is A Therapy Dog… When Her Owner Asked Her Do THIS? I Can’t Believe My Eyes!

Internet is a prime hub for different types of animal videos. Dogs, horses, lions, tigers, cats, birds; you can find all of them in one single place. This video features a cute little Yorkshire Terrier named Misa Minnie. In this video, this tiny pooch is only 1 and a half months old…but wait till you see what she can do! I’m in complete awe!

Misa Minnie is the definition of adorable, but that is not her only defining characteristic. This little girl is really intelligent and she can perform some unbelievable tricks! Misa also works as a therapy Dog for children and patients in hospice. She lives in California with her loving owner who home-trains her. Her owner says Misa is trained with positive reinforcement and lots of treats.

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