Little Girl Went Fishing With Her Dad. What She Caught With Her Barbie Pole Will SHOCK You!

When Avery and her loving dad were out fishing one day, they had the chance to gain an experience of a lifetime. Armed with a bright pink fishing pole, Avery was determined to catch some fish, but neither her, nor her dad had any idea about what they would catch. You are going to be awestruck when you see her reel in her big catch!

Rather than taking over, this dad guides his little daughter patiently through it all. He should get a medal for being so clam! Avery can’t stop giggling the whole time. But wait till you see what this tiny girl actually caught with her tiny Barbie pole! I can’t believe that a Barbie fishing pole is strong enough to reel this in.

Avery is laughing the whole time and her dad keeps asking her if the fish is still on the line. She assures him it is, and it takes a long time to reel it in. The little girl gets distracted a couple of times, but dad gets her focused again. He really wants her to catch whatever this is.

What exactly does she catch? A huge five pound largemouth bass that was 20 inches long! She will definitely be fishing a lot more now! I’m sure she will never forget this day, and she may never get rid of that Barbie fishing pole. I wonder if dad will have it framed. The pole, not the fish, I mean.

Watch this adorable moment in the video below and let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section!

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