Little girl’s dog helps her build a snow fort

While the little girls shoveled out the snow for their tiny fort, their dog saw them and was over-enthusiastic to help.

These little girls were busy shoveling out snow for their snow fort when their dog decided to join them. The winter-loving pooch felt so motivated by the girl’s vigorous activities that it chose to paw the snow single-handedly.

The dog was over-enthusiastic with all the pawing that the little girls had to stand back and watch it show off its prowess. Fortunately, it did not disappoint them.

The lovely dog curved out a cozy little snow cave for the girl’s fort. As the little girls made their final touches on their beautiful fort, they couldn’t believe what their eyes were seeing; the snow fort was finally complete.

Their pooch had outdone itself. The dog also made it easier for the girls to get their sturdy snow fort ready within a short while.

It was undoubtedly an amazing day for the girls and their dogs as they enjoyed spending time in their newly completed snow fort. And they have the dog’s magical paws to thank for that.

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Little girl’s dog helps her build a snow fort