Little girls start dancing to a known song, but the star is the horse, really

There is nothing more fun than dancing with total strangers, especially if you are surrounded by the people you love or in this particular case, the pet you love. Two little girls started to dance in front of the camera and what happened next was something remarkable to remember. They have always loved dancing and their mother was very encouraging with them. Their mother had done a little bit of dancing back in the day but wished she could have done more. Her parents were very strict at the time and she wouldn’t be allowed to go out that much.

The two adorable ladies were outside their house playing on the field as usual, when mom had the great idea of practicing some dance steps with background music in order to record it with the camera. Their favorite horse was standing next to them tied up to the fence and waiting to be ridden across the field.

When the music started to sound, the two sisters began jamming out the music that mom was playing but instead of getting a double choreography, an unexpected dancing partner joined in and made a fabulous trio of dancers.
Despite being a four-legged animal, this technical issue didn’t hold back the horse’s desire to make a wonderful presentation to the rhythm of hip-hop music.

The short video of the horse made the outstanding number of 900.000 views on their Youtube channel, all thanks to mom’s sense of memories preservation of her daughters. Surely, mom never imagined that this memory was going to become totally viral among the social networks.

It looks like the horse loves to dance Silentó’s hit “Watch Me (Whip/ Nae Nae)”, with the little resources the horse had, he moved his front legs and head following the rhythm of the popular song. These awesome dance steps won the heart of the viewers that couldn’t help laughing out loud.

The Equine Wellness Magazine did some research studies that suggested horses like music with short melodies and strong rhythm patterns. According to their website, the style of the music doesn’t really affect the horse, but the frequency and volume have a relaxing effect that helps the horse to calm down and make his legs looser.

It is clear that his horse is more than just a simple animal and it sure has a good taste for the hip-hop music, with that kind of dancing, he could do a nice audition anytime. Now, it’s just a matter of finding him an agent, and start booking those appearances. I wonder if he gives out autographs!

If you want to watch the interaction between this horse and these beautiful kids at the rhythm of the music, click play on the video below!