Little Goat Discovers This New Toy! You Won’t Believe The Fun She Has!

Learning new things can always be a bit daunting or intimidating. Remember when you were a little kid trying to learn how to ride your bike or roller-skates or even a new sport? Yeah, it can be a little scary at first, however once you get the confidence to start  you probably had the time of your life!  They were such gratifying experiences that you will probably teach your friends and kids so that they can participate in this activity!

Some of us might need a little encouragement at first from their mom or dad to get them going — for others, just seeing their friends playing will push them to take the plunge. This video shows us just how similar children of all species are, when tackling a new activity.  This absolutely cute baby goat was a little hesitant to check out her new toy, a trampoline, but once she tests the bouncy contraption she just can’t pull herself away! Watch her test out the trampoline without going all out, just within the boundaries of the comfort zone, and with her mom close by!

Check out this little one’s shenanigans, I guarantee you’ll want to go to the nearest trampoline with your own little ones!

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