Little Golden Retriever puppy walks up to a mirror. But watch his paws at 0:52, too cute!

Having a bad day? Don’t worry, the following video is so adorable it will melt it all away. In it, a sweet and lovely golden retriever puppy encounters something that blew his mind! His name is Scout, and he’s a very curious and energetic puppy that is amazed by everything that he sees. He found ‘another’ Scout, and his reaction is just too cute for words!

There are only a few animal species who can recognize themselves when looking at a mirror, and as you may have seen in other cute animal videos before, even the smartest ones get very confused when they see them. Dogs usually react to their reflections as if it was another dog in the room, but no one does it as adorably as Scout!

When you watch the video yourself, you’ll be wishing you had a Retriever puppy yourself! I sure do, I mean, just from watching what he does right after the :50 second mark is enough to convince everybody. There’s something about this dog’s curiosity and innocence that is completely heart-melting.

You can enjoy this adorable moment in the video right below, and don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook if you love it!