Little Salesboy Is in Action. Would You Buy What He’s Selling?

Children are an absolute blessing. They’re one of the most adorable things we ever get to enjoy in life. Every moment with them is precious, and that’s why they always seem to grow up very fast.

Nowadays, most moms and dads want to make sure they can keep every memory they can by taking photos and recording them on video. The video that we show you today was made just this way. In it, you can see a very young boy showing us his amazing skills. He will surely leave a smile on your face after you see him in action in the clip below!

The little boy’s name is Cole, and he is just over two years old, and yet he’s already a star! He will appear in a short film called “Door To Door Salesman.”

In this film, he has the role of a salesperson, and he appears trying to sell public speaking classes. You can see one of his sales is a particularly difficult case that he has to deal with. Wait until you see the bloopers! Enjoy this cute, funny video just down here!

Little Salesboy Is in Action. Would You Buy What He\'s Selling?