These Little Guys Are Here To Wish You Merry Christmas, And How They Do It Is Incredibly Funny

Christmas wishes are precious to everyone and these adorable guys are here to present you their Christmas wishes in the funniest way. We all love minions for their incredible goofiness, and goofiness definitely abounds in this video where they sing to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. These minions have taken out a little time out of their valuable schedule to present you with a warm Christmas greeting.

This goofy version of jingle bells will have you cracking up, even though we can’t understand a word they say. When it comes to Minions, it’s not really about the words, is it? Their cute little faces with their funny glasses and weird smiles make us happy anyway, but when they sing this Christmas song, it will definitely put you in the Christmas spirit. This version is so funny that you will love to watch it again and again. We have always seen Minions doing funny stuff but this one is purely hilarious. I especially like the one who thinks that making noises with his tongue is a great addition to the song. At the end of the video they make a Christmas tree with the star of the show at the top, and he seems very deserving of this position.

Watch this video and tell us which minion was your favourite out of all. I couldn’t take my eyes off the minion wearing a red sweater. We’d love to hear from you! And if you know someone who needs cheering up during this holiday season, share this clip with them and they will surely feel better.

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