Little Kid Adorably Reacts To Evidence That Santa Visited In The Night

All kids know that Santa Claus travels around the world on Christmas Eve to deliver toys and treats to all the good boys and girls. But some parents take the fable to the extreme, and these parents surely made this Christmas memorable for their little boy who seemed more interested in whether or not Santa and Rudolf enjoyed their visit than whether he got lots of presents.

Mike and his wife left evidence for their little boy, Archie, all around the house that Santa visited to the utter delight of his son. Archie comes down the stairs in his elf pyjamas early on Christmas morning to find big, snowy footprints all through the house, and then he discovers Santa ate his pie and milk. He was so happy that Santa enjoyed his visit and left him a Jessie bike and other gifts. Archie couldn’t believe that there were footprints of snow apparently left by Santa, and that the reindeer ate the carrots they left outside.

Archie’s father, fortunately for us, filmed the entire scene and shared it online so everyone could see Archie’s fantastic reaction to seeing the snow prints. He was so excited he even gave dad a high five. While he was certainly excited to see the stack of presents and the Jessie bike, he seems amazed that Santa was actually in his house and that Rudolf was there as well.

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