These Little Kids Made A BIG Mess. But What Dad Says To Them? HILARIOUS!

When kids get to a certain age, they become a little bit hard to handle. It’s just impossible to predict what new plan or adventure they’re going to have next. If you have ever done babysitting, you should know exactly what I mean. The man in this video, the kids’ dad, had thought that he had seen all his kids had to offer. But when he sees the trouble that his kids got in now, you won’t be able to hold back your laughter. How can they make such a big mess if they’re so little?

When the Dad caught ‘em, it was already too late. They had paint and ink all over their faces! At first, the dad tries to be straight and tough with them, as he’s supposed to be an authority figure for them. But then the children get so scared, they can’t even move or reply anything to their dad! Even after they made an enormous mess with the paint, they were able to keep a stone-cold reaction and not lose their cool. And even the dad can’t believe it!

You can watch this adorable moment in the video below? Wasn’t it hilarious? Let us know in the comment section below the video. There’s more like this, coming later!

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