This Little Kitten Starts Playing With That Big Pit Bull. I Was Worried. But This Is Adorable!

Dogs and cats are distinguished as being mortal enemies. They are thought of as not being able to get along at all. And if the dog turns out to be something as fierce as a pit bull? The poor cat better say bye- bye to one of his nine lives! Or so people think.

Pit bulls have garnered a pretty bad status over the years. They were originally used as fighting dogs and are considered to be violent. But the poor pit bulls are misunderstood. When raised properly, pit bulls are as easy going as other dogs. This pit bull in this clip got a new family member, and it was an adorable little kitten. And his reaction? Not so brutal is he!

This cute little ginger kitten loves to play with the pit bull’s feet, and the dog just sits there watching the kitten, enjoying the attention, I think. This is a white pit bull, which is not very common, and she’s a pretty big dog, especially compared to this little kitten. But the dog is so gentle with her new little friend.

The dog gives the kitten some kisses, and the kitten just keeps on playing, even giving the dog a few kisses in return. They are so cute together and this is proof that pit bulls are the result of their owner and what they are taught. This one is as kind and gentle as any other dog.

Watch the video below and let us know how you felt about this cute interaction in the comments!

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