This Little Kitty Got Stuck Up In Tree, But Watch Momma Cat’s Reaction

Sometimes cats get a bum rap because their personalities are so different from dogs, but they can also be big babies. This video shows one feisty feline who has to rescue her baby who is helplessly stuck in the top of a tree. Be sure to watch how Momma Cat gets her baby back to safety!

We tend to think if a cat can get to the top of a tree, then they can certainly get back down, but that’s not always the case. It’s not as simple as it seems. It certainly wasn’t for this kitten because he was definitely stuck. But never fear! Momma cat was close by to help her baby.

Momma cat climbs to her kitten to bring him back down, but when she attempts to grab him by the neck, he holds on tight to the tree and she can’t get a grip on him. So she decides she will talk to him and get him to follow her down, but he goes the other way! He goes further up the tree! I guess that just seemed easier, but he was even more afraid to come down.

So momma does the only thing she can think to do. She goes back down the tree and encourages her baby from below, hoping he will come down on his own. This footage is so cute. Watching mommies take care of the feline babies I so precious, and this momma cat definitely deserves a medal for bravery and persistence.

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