This Little Lovebird Found A Bit Of Paper, What She Does Next Will Crack You Up!

It is quite common for people to keep birds as pets. It’s true that they are beautiful creatures but I personally find that they are a bit too much work. The little body in this video is a perfect example of why I prefer my pets to be a lot more cuddly.

Watch how much of a hard time this owner has cleaning this lovebird. This bird is clearly going to crack you up when you see what she does. In this of this video it says that this bird is a peach faced lovebird. The behavior that you see in this video is actually how they collect materials for the nests.

Is expected that an unpaired female, like the one this video, will usually lay eggs after exhibiting this behavior. The birds can become depressed and even die if they are unable to raise a family. So if you have a bird similar to this exhibiting the same behavior, maybe it’s time to get her husband.

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