This Little One Loves Helping The Residents Of This Care Center!

Animals have a way with healing hearts and improving our overall life quality. It’s no coincidence or mistake that several kinds of animals cooperate in diverse branches of therapy. From horses and wolves that help out PTSD plagued war veteran, to cats that do their rounds in hospitals, keeping company to terminal patients. However, undeniably, the champions at collaboration in this field are definitely dogs.  Their natural chemistry with humans makes them the perfect companion and truly humankind’s best friend! Just check out the story featured in the video below!

Seniors deserver a lot of care, love and understating. Dog therapy for elders is one of the most endearing and at the same time bittersweet interactions to witness. These retirement home residents enjoy the company of Nala, a five year old teacup poodle. Little Nala makes daily rounds at the Lyngblomsten care center in St. Paul, MN, she doesn’t have any official therapy dog training, but when her owner, Doug Dawson, goes to work she instinctively goes around the care center sitting on laps and cuddling with the grandmas and grandpas. Some of them don’t receive other visits.

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